With us, it’s just easier to travel through Cuba. Our team gives taxi and tours services through several routes, which go deep into the most amazing places of the Island.


We can take you through the following roads.

Havana - Cayo Jutia

Distance: 230 km

Time: 04:00 hours

Price: since 200.00 CUC

Havana - Cayo Santamaría

Distance: 400 km

Time: 05:00 hours

Price: since 240.00 CUC

Havana - Cayo Coco

Distance: 520 km

Time: 06:20 hours

Price: since 340.00 CUC

Havana - María la Gorda

Distance: 310 km

Time: 04:20 hours

Price: since 200.00 CUC


We can give you a ride and offer you tour services at the same time!!! This service is optional, but it includes guide tours through several wonderful places of the journey.

Havana - Varadero Beach

Distance: 170 km

Time: 02:00 hours

Price: since 90.00 CUC

Havana - Las Terrazas-Soroa

Distance: 75 km

Time: 01:00 hours

Price: since 60.00 CUC

Havana - Cayo Levisa

Distance: 140 km

Time: 03:00 hours

Price: since 100.00 CUC

Havana - Vinales

Distance: 200 km

Time: 02:30 hours

Price: since 100.00 CUC

Havana - Playas Del Este

Distance: 25 km

Time: 00:25 hours

Price: since 25.00 CUC

Havana - Playa Larga

Distance: 210 km

Time: 02:50 hours

Price: since 120.00 CUC

Havana - Playa Girón

Distance: 210 km

Time: 02:35 hours

Price: since 120.00 CUC

Havana - Cienfuegos

Distance: 310 km

Time: 02:50 hours

Price: since 120.00 CUC

Havana - Trinidad

Distance: 320 km

Time: 04:20 hours

Price: since 180.00 CUC

Havana - Santa Clara

Distance: 280 km

Time: 03:20 hours

Price: since 170.00 CUC

If these routes haven’t been enough for you, we give you the opportunity of deciding which places you want to visit.

Other services

Pick up at the airport

We pick you up at the Jose Marti airport for 30.00 cuc


Diving and snorkeling

We can take you to the best diving spots in Cuba


We can make you have fun riding horses in the fields of Vinales


About us

Who we are?

We are small team with great passion for classic cars and adventures at the most amazing places that Cuba has to offer. This passion began to arise inside us when we were really young and in our 20’s we took the wheel of our car till today. It’s been 9 years full with lots of adrenaline.
In 2016, we decided to join all of these passions y strengths to create TaxiDriversCubaCuba, yet a small taxi company that offers transportation services, tours and its arrangements for tourism in Cuba.
We are interested in letting you know every single little wonderful spot in Cuba in the safest way. For that purpose, we have beautiful classic cars, in perfect physical conditions, with comfort and temperature management, which guarantees a comfortable transportation. We are cautious and reliable drivers, and we want that every one of your memories in Cuba have a smile all over it.

Taxi Drivers in Numbers

You are our priority from day one. It is escential to us that your stay is pleasent and securesafe.

More than 300 happy customers

We hope you are part of this group of clients


More than 100 visited places

We hope you can live good adventures


More than 100,000 km without accidents

We are very cautious drivers




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